MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY Powerful. Affordable. Unique 3D capabilities

Operating principles

Based on magnetostatics principles (and not electromagnetism), ami’s technology consists of an array of tri-axis magnetic sensors measuring the magnetic field of at least one permanent magnet. Thanks to optimized and patented algorithms, these measurements allow to calculate in real time the 3D position & orientation of the magnet with a very high accuracy.

Advanced 3D Performances

advanced Position tracking

Spheric 3D tracking
all around the devices (above, edge, back...)
pressure levels
FSR surface
Up to 30 cm

advanced Angular tracking

2 angles
theta & phy
Up to 0,1°
detection range

Frequency tracking

Up to 1Khz
frame rate
Down to 2,5ms

Multi tracking

Up to 3 magnets

RF & touch interference-proof

As it is not based on electromagnetism, ami's technology cannot be affected by radio frequencies (RFID, NFC, BLE, WIFI, 5G.....). The ami technology is also compatible with existing touch surfaces and allows a transparent palm rejection.

Wireless charging interference-proof

Standardized components combined with ami intelligence

A permanent magnet as emitter

Our “simple magnet” emitter does not involve any electronics, hence may easily be embedded into everyday object, giving them a digital existence (a pen, a clutch pencil, a stylus ... a figurine, a joystick, a toy, a car...).

An array of standard sensors

Our technology is based on standardized low cost tri-axis magnetic sensors (less than 1mm3). Their number, position and type can be adapted according to the expected performances. Beyond design rules, ami’s engineering team may support you in all phases, from product design to sensor qualification, up to modelization.

Low computing power required

Since ami’s technology does not require powerful computing, it can be performed on an affordable IC. Cloud computing will also be an option in the near future. Processing is executed on an ARM Cortex M4F clocked at 180Mhz with 180k RAM & 256kb of flash memory.

Patented embedded Intelligence

Our patented algorithms are embedded in a secured IC. Thes algorithms allow different tasks:
- High accuracy real time 3D tracking
- Real time magnet orientation tracking (pitch & raw rotation)
- Magnet interference detection and compensation

A highly versatile technology Easy device integration

Any material, whether plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, aluminium...
Any shapes and sizes

A0 - Glass
48 or 192 sensors
A3 - Plexiglass
64 sensors
A4 - Plastic
25 sensors
A5 - Aluminium
20 sensors
15' display - LCD
25 sensors
"Smart Table" - wood
32 sensors

Electronics-free accessories

Simply embed a custom permanent magnet in a any material...

Clutch Pencil
Built-in magnet
6D Joysticks
Built-in magnet
DIY toys - wood
Built-in magnet
Brush - wood
Plug and play ring
Figurine - plastic
Built-in magnet