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Interaction feeds the stakes of our society, companies and consumers. A world where digital technology is omnipresent, at the service of people, their quality of life, their emotions and their education. « Unlock tomorrow’s interactions »: this is more than just a claim. It shapes our vision of the future. More technological. And more human.

Invent, enrich and facilitate interaction with the digital world

We support our clients in the creation of augmented interaction solutions that help them disrupt the market and take a step ahead. Our commitment? Together, designing, industrializing and producing new interactions that are richer, simpler, more efficient.

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Provide resources and support for all needs

Together with our customers, we co-construct new solutions to give them a head start in their markets. The objective: to enhance the user experience by enabling new uses, with breakthrough products.

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User Experience

By building customized solutions, we bring great ideas and digital perspectives to life without learning cost. Study, conception, development, design, production: “à la carte approach”, in line with your culture and your challenges.

IP Products

Open up new perspectives

A unique technology to revolutionize interactions with the digital world and enhance the scope of the human gesture
Integrated circuit
Referentiel design


Be part of the next human-machine interactions revolution with AMI technology

Our purpose: to open up new sources of growth for our customers, for their conquest of new markets, or for their differentiation strategy in their current markets. addresses both traditionals industries in their digital transformation, as well as high tech industries (VR/XR, Robotic Surgery, Industry 4.0...) in their development.
Engage future generations

in a “love to learn” experience that Inspires Academic & Life Skills Success! We offer a 360° learning platform that allow multiple handwriting practice as well as soft skills & STEM curriculum through the interactive manipulation of scientific tools such as a scale, a microscope, a clock ...​

Toys to life
Enjoy a entertaining platform

for kids from 5 to 8. it’s offering kids fun & magical experiences where kids become key players of their own development. Kids create their own physical toys, bring them to life on screen and have fun manipulating those toys to progress in game-based learning adventures.

Graphic arts
Create without limit

with your favorite pens or pencils. Enjoy the simplicity of pencil and paper while taking advantage of the power of a graphic tablet.​ Be inspired. Draw, sketch just like you always have. Anywhere, anytime.​

Handle the future of XR controller

​Get the power of a twin augmented pad to interact efficiently within virtual environments (VR-MR). It offers the best note taking & drawing solution in the XR market. It will also offer the convenience of unlimited numbers of additionnal plug&play controllers, from joystick to a wheel or a toy.

The technology comes from years of researches on magnetometry in the Aerospatiale and defense fields and was born in CEA LETI (French Energy and Alternative energies Commission and its Electronics Laboratory) which is the world’s most innovative research institution according to Reuters. ​
After 4 years of incubation within this research center and a successful crowdfunding campaign, the company was created in 2014.​

The company combines a state-of-the-art expertise in embedded system, algorithms & signal processing applied to magnetism with a strong expertise in creativity & user experience.

Key features

Absolute localization

No time drift vs inertial units

High precision

0,2mm precision on the surface
1mm precision to 10in distance
0,01mm resolution
0,05° resolution


10 inches - 25cm

5 degrees of freedom

Magnet position (x,y,z)
Magnet direction (x,y,z)

Real time

140Hz- could be upgraded
20ms latency

Pressure Sensitivity

8192 levels of pressure
Integrated under the writing surface


First ever "digital" clutch pencil

iskn (one of ami's brands for consumer product) and Faber-Castell announce the Repaper Clutch Pencil, the first ever “digital” clutch pencil compatible with Repaper, the only one Pencil & Paper Graphics Tablet

December 1st, 2020s
The virtual pad

ami partners with France immersive learning for the launch of the XR Repader

January 29, 2021

Careers at ami

Creativity, revolution, precision, collective commitment: values that have defined our DNA since our beginnings. As a company on a human dimension, we regularly recruit people who are also determined to play a leading role in tomorrow's interaction with digital world.

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