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Find out when and how our company was founded, its values, its DNA and how it has grown and matured over the last few years to offer unmatched and valuable spatial interactions to the world.

Our story

ami combines state-of-the-art expertise in embedded systems, algorithms & signal processing applied to magnetism, with a strong expertise in user experiences.

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    The start of our research in magnetometry

    Becoming the pioneer of augmented interaction technologies is the result of many years of research in magnetometry in the aerospace and defense fields. ami was born at the CEA LETI (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives and its electronics laboratory), considered the most innovative and prolific research institution in the world, according to Reuters.

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    The birth of ami

    After 4 years of incubation and a successful crowdfunding campaign, the company was created in 2014 under the iskn brand name.

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    2014 to 2017

    The launch of The Slate

    Under the iskn brand, ami launched a revolutionary product range: The Slate Color Edition (2014), The Slate Black Edition (2015), The Slate 2 (2016) and The Slate 2+ (2017).

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    The launch of Repaper

    Still under the iskn consumer brand, ami launched Repaper, the first and only pencil and paper graphics tablet for creatives, teachers & remote workers. This product was developed and is marketed in collaboration with Faber-Castell of Germany.

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    The launch of Tori

    Developed in collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment, Tori is a disruptive playful learning platform intended to stimulate 21st century skills of 5- to 8-year-old kids.

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    ami acquired by BIC Group

    In Sept. 2022 ami was acquired by BIC Group to become a leader in human expression. This industrial backing provides ami with exceptional resources to achieve its ambition of setting a new Human Machine Interaction technology standard.

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    What's next

    ami targets sustainable technology

    Moving forward, ami ambitions to combine its spatial interaction technology with sustainability aspirations. The ami technology allows the manufacturing of devices without electronics and batteries, made from uncommon materials and therefore recyclable and/or reusable. While enabling computer and consumer electronics players to deliver a broad range of peripherals with differentiated functionalities, ami can also allow these same players to bring to market a whole new generation of sustainable and eco-friendly peripherals.

Setting a new technological standard

For years we have been actively contributing to the augmented interaction revolution by deploying our unique technology to traditional industries supporting their digital transformation, as well as to the computer and consumer electronics industries.

Becoming the new standard in digitally augmented handwriting experiences and passive spatial interactions is part of the strategic direction we have set for ourselves.

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We fully embrace our PIONEERING ROLE in revolutionizing interactions with the digital world in response to current and future societal challenges (education, remote work, etc.). Boldness and anticipation are the foundations of our approach to innovation.

Our CREATIVITY makes the difference. When our extravagance gives free rein to our inventiveness, it is above all to give birth to ideas that will open up new perspectives. Our creativity challenges conventional wisdom and brings remarkable products to life.

Great ideas are born from a COLLECTIVE COMMITMENT. Together with our customers we apply our energy and enthusiasm to every challenge. At the heart of our approach, co-construction brings new perspectives and unique solutions to give our clients' products a valuable edge.

From a CUSTOMER CENTRIC approach comes excellence. User experience is part of our DNA and the foundation of our technology. It is found in every move we make; in every idea we develop. Tomorrow’s digital interactions will combine richness and easiness. That’s what great ideas are all about.

Our latest news

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[VIDEO] ami at Computex Taipei 2023

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ami recently participated in Innovex/Computex 2023

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BIC acquires Advanced Magnetic Interaction

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[VIDEO] ami at Computex Taipei 2023

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ami recently participated in Innovex/Computex 2023

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BIC acquires Advanced Magnetic Interaction

Executive Team

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J.L. Vallejo


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T. Hautson


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T. Jobert


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C. Rosset


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C. Brun


Proud of our Team

ami’s team is made of committed engineers & experts (PhD’s) in signal processing, algorithms & embedded systems, supported by designers, market strategists & UI/UX developers. From the very beginning, ami has built a comprehensive set of skill sets. We continuously onboard new talents who share our DNA, ethics, and values.

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Why work at ami?

Because we believe in teamwork & diversity

We make sure our employees join the ami team to become part of a group rather than a collection of individuals. We prioritize hands on, efficient, hardworking, agile and creative candidates. As an organization, we value diversity.

We are open to atypical profiles. How could it be any different when one of the founders is a doctor in contemporary history and the other could have been a professional soccer player!

Your commitment and soft skills matter more than anything else. We build a culture of trust. We encourage our employees to find a good balance between working remotely and at the office as well as balance professional commitments and personal life.

We are a truly customer-oriented organization. Our patented technology is fantastic, but it is not enough to have a decisive impact on human-digital interactions.

From the beginning, we understood that the user experience must be the compass of all our developments, whether for end-users or B2B2C partners. UX therefore is an intrinsic part of our DNA.

This entails implementing user-centered design methods, developing active customer listening and constantly striving to satisfy stringent requirements.

Our open jobs

At the moment, we don't have any specific job openings. However, we believe in the power of diverse talent and are always excited to discover new potential team members. If you are passionate, driven, and think you could be a great fit for our team, we want to hear from you!

Feel free to reach out and share your resume and a bit about yourself by emailing us at [email protected]
You might just be the perfect match we're looking for!

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You can also submit your unsolicited application via this form.

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