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Explore incredible interaction possibilities

Discover a world of opportunities

Augmented interaction will allow you to come up with out-of-the-box interactions and use-case scenarios. The ami toolbox is made of:

  • Unity SDK kit including numerous use-case examples
  • Creative co-design sessions with our in-house experts to fine-tune product concepts
  • Proof of concepts (PoC) developments to optimize investments

Evaluate performances

Assess the PoC performances to:

  • Ensure these match technical and usage specific requirements. Such evaluations will be conducted using ami proprietary test benches combined with in-house expertise.
  • Identify potential improvement gaps across phases (Engineering Validation Testing, Design Validation Testing, Production Validation Testing and Mass Production).

These two phases will allow you figure out product specifications combined with ami's differentiated interaction capabilities.

Your strategy,
whether phygital, fully digital or immersive

Make your own outstanding products

Design rules, custom design & engineering

ami experts may assist in each phase leading to industrialization, from PoC to mass production:

  • product design rules
  • custom design
  • prototyping
  • system characterization

A secured access to our patented algorithms

The core of the augmented interaction technology comes from years in research & development in signal processing & embedded systems. Ami algorithms can be embedded in low computing power ICs or cloud-based You will always have access to our latest algorithms developments, thanks to continuous R&D.

ami - advanced magnetic interaction