AMI LAB Be inspired by our augmented interaction experiences.

A stimulating playground for makers & innovators

The versatility of the technology and its simplicity (simple magnet embedded into any object) allow any idea to be quickly turned into a prototype. No particular expertise nor significant budget resources are required.

On the software side we provide a plug & play Unity SDK or middleware (ami-connect) to bring to life your ideas and concepts.

Imagine. Design. Prototype. Test your idea.

Imagination in motion

VR note taking

Discover the power of the interactive 3D pad for XR
Productivity | Education | Creativity | Remote collaboration

The 3D Interactive Display

Discover the first ever 3D interactive display - (this video will be updated regularly to feature new use-cases)
Productivity | Education | Creativity | Gaming

Pen on paper drawing tablet

Discover the Repaper Faber-Castell, the unique true pen on paper digital handwriting solution
Education | Creativity | Remote collaboration

Creative spatial experiences

Painting experiences, a world premiere

Creativy | Productivity | Education

Turn 2D Drawing into 3D animations

Creativy | Productivity | Education

3D drawing thanks to real spatial interactions

Creativy | Productivity | Education

Kid's Education

Handwriting practice: improving the handwriting readiness


Alphabet exercize: learn to write letters


Connect the dots: Draw by numbers


Aritmetics practice: launcher to learn science while having fun


Creative experience

Education | Creativity

MCQ learning companion: evaluate knowledges with a “learning companion”


Hangsman & handwriting recognition