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Signal processing / embedded systems / software developers / International sales & marketing

We are looking for talents in each or our major fields

signal processing | embedded system | developer

As well as experienced profiles for our international sales & marketing team.

We believe in teamwork & diversity

We make sure our employees join the ami team to become part of a group rather than a collection of individuals. We prioritize hands on, efficient, hardworking, agile and creative candidates. As an organization, we value diversity.

We are open to atypical profiles. How could it be any different when one of the founders is a doctor in contemporary history and the other could have been a professional soccer player!

Your commitment and soft skills matter more than anything else. We build a culture of trust. We encourage our employees to find a good balance between working remotely/home and the office, but also a proper balance between professional commitment and personal life.

We are a truly customer-oriented organization. Our patented technology is fantastic, but it is not enough to have a decisive impact on human-digital interactions.

From the beginning, we understood that the user experience must be the compass of all our developments, whether for end-users or B2B2C customers. UX therefore is an intrinsic part of our DNA.

This entails implementing user-centered design methods, developing active customer listening and a constantly striving to satisfy stringent requirements.

We are looking for challenging work

According to our high international ambitions, we use to be challenged and we appreciate it. All challenges are supported by the entire team as well as the management to have the benefits from the collective intelligence.

This teamwork comes with a real autonomy in your job.

We want you to break the evidences. We want you to express your own talent.

We are a customer-oriented organization

Our patented technology is fantastic but this is not sufficient to have a breakthrough impact on human-digital interaction.

From the very beginning, we have understood that user experience has to be the compass of our developments, whether we work for end-customer or BtoBtoC clients.

That it is the reason why, UX become part of our DNA from the customer support team up to our best technological experts.

This imply to implement user centered design approaches & methods, to develop an active listening of our customers and finally the permanent concern to satisfy their high standards.

We appreciate the sense of accountability

The management team aims for the moon, the journey belongs to you.

Our HR policy is focused on ensuring that the talents of each employee can flourish within our human-scale structure by quickly having autonomous and taking on responsabilities.

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So we’ll be thrilled to learn about you, your motivation, your profile.

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