Created & Based In the French Silicon Valley ami is the leading pioneer in Augmented Interaction technology

The technology comes from years of researches on magnetometry in the Aerospatiale and defense fields and was born in CEA LETI (French Energy and Alternative energies Commission and its Electronics Laboratory) which is considered the world’s most innovative research institution according to Reuters.

After 4 years of incubation within this research center and a successful crowdfunding campaign, the company was created in 2014. ​​

The company combines state-of-the-art expertise in embedded systems, algorithms & signal processing applied to magnetism, with a strong expertise in user experiences.

Since 2019, ami brought to market two product lines. One under the iskn brand dedicated to creatives, teachers & remote workers. This product, called Repaper, is a collaboration with the Faber-Castell German pen manufacturer.

The augmented interaction company

Welcome to the era of merging digital and physical worlds

In a world where digital technology is omnipresent, serving people, their quality of life, their emotions and their education, interacting with these tools is a major challenge for our civilization, our companies and individuals. "Unlocking tomorrow’s interactions" is much more than a simple statement. It shapes our vision of the future. More technological. More human.

Our mission is to invent, enrich and facilitate human interaction with the digital world.

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Setting a new technological standard

We are actively contributing to the augmented interaction revolution by deploying our unique technology to traditional industries supporting their digital transformation, and Consumer Electronics industries. Becoming the new standard in digital handwriting and 3D interaction is our strategic compass.


We fully embrace our PIONEERING ROLE in revolutionizing interactions with the digital world in response to current and future societal challenges (education, remote work, etc.). Boldness and anticipation are the foundations of our approach to innovation.

Our CREATIVITY makes the difference. When our extravagance gives free rein to our inventiveness, it is above all to give birth to ideas that will open up new perspectives. Our creativity challenges conventional wisdom and brings remarkable products to life.

Great ideas are born from a COLLECTIVE COMMITMENT. Together with our customers we apply our energy and enthusiasm to every challenge. At the heart of our approach, co-construction brings new perspectives and unique solutions to give our clients' products a valuable edge.

From a CUSTOMER CENTRIC approach comes excellence. User experience is part of our DNA and the foundation of our technology. It is found in every move we make; in every idea we develop. Tomorrow’s digital interactions will combine richness and easiness. That’s what great ideas are all about.

Executive team

CEO | Board chairman
J.L. Vallejo
CTO | Board member
T. Hautson
CXO | Board member
T. Jobert
COO C. Rosset
CFO S. Coste-Chareyre
CSO C. Brun
Proud of our Team

ami’s team is made of committed engineers & experts (PhD’s) in signal processing, algorithms & embedded systems, supported by designers, market strategists & UI/UX developers. From the very beginning, ami has built a comprehensive set of skill sets. We continuously onboard new talents who share our DNA, ethics, and values.

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